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Central Coast Microbreweries Bring Macro Taste

California is well known for wineries, and for good reason. The same creativity and style that characterizes the vintners of the Central Coast of California, however, has also fueled a profusion of breweries and microbreweries in the same region. The Central Coast is ripe for a pilgrimage to some of our state’s amazing and award-winning breweries.

For a classic road trip, California’s Highway 1 beckons with gorgeous vistas, quaint towns, and quirky yet well-appointed breweries. Grab your buddies, pick a weekend, rent a car, and get going on your next adventure. We have a few ideas to help your trip get off the ground in style.

Priority One

Pick a designated driver. Better yet, set up a rotating designated driver so that everyone has the chance to help out and have fun. Best yet, go the deluxe route and book a brewery tour, or Uber between breweries.

Priority Two

Pick your starting and ending cities. Naturally, we recommend ending your day at the breweries in Avila Beach and you can stay with us! If you end in Avila Beach, it’s natural to start in nearby San Luis Obispo. If you want to make an even longer day of it, drive an extra 30 miles north to Paso Robles and start tasting. Make sure to check the business hours of the breweries so you can plan your day accordingly.  

Priority Three

Don’t forget to water yourself early and often! Beaches and beers both have the tendency to dehydrate you, so include an ice chest full of bottled waters in your prep. Make sure to pre-hydrate, and then keep the water flowing between brewery stops. As a bonus, the water helps mitigate any potential hangovers.

Priority Four

Don’t forget to eat, either. Because beer can be filling, make sure your stomach and system stay balanced with foods. As with water, keeping yourself filled can make the difference between a fun day instead of a drunken and sick day. Who wants that?

A Few of Our Favorite Finds

SLO Brew, a classic in the microbrewery scene, is the perfect spot to start with lunch and a sampling of their well-crafted beers.

Bang the Drum Brewery beckons for an afternoon on the deck with the coolest atmosphere and unique beers.

7 Sisters Brewing also has outdoor seating and an eclectic range of beers to try.

Libertine Brewing Company has several locations, including a tap room in Avila Beach with 12 of their finest brews on tap for you to try. Enjoy sunset over the Pacific Ocean as you wind down your brewery road trip in style!

When can we expect to see you enjoying all that Avila Beach and our fabulous breweries have to offer?

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