Plan Now For Summer in Avila Beach – Central Coast Wine Extravaganza

With summer around the corner, we’re ready for the sun on our shoulders and the perfect glass of locally sourced wine in hand. There’s no better time than now to plan your summer getaway in Avila Beach. And there’s no better time to visit the vineyards and tasting rooms in Avila Beach.

Central California Coast Viticulture vis a vis Avila Beach

Wines produced from California vineyards rank alongside the world’s premier wines. Within California, several different viticultural (grape cultivation) areas have been recognized, including a particularly long area down the coast of central California. The Paso Robles viticultural area encompasses more than 40,000 vineyard acres in and around Avila Beach.

The soil in the Paso Robles AVA differs substantially from other viticultural areas in California. Whereas areas such as Napa Valley have deep, rich soils, the Paso Robles AVA soil varies greatly, even within a single vineyard. What gives the Central Coast wines their character is the calcareous soils found through the region, affording the grapes a higher pH balance than other AVAs.

Featured Grapes Grown in the Avila Beach Area

While the Zinfandel grape is the original grape of the Paso Robles American Viticultural Area (AVA), more than 40 grape varieties are now grown here. In addition to Zinfandel grapes, other common types of grapes include Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, and Syrah. More unusual and intriguing varietals are Vionier and Roussanne.

Must See Tasting Rooms in Avila Beach

In Avila Beach, we love sharing our unique wine artistry with visitors. Summer makes visiting the tasting rooms an easy, comfortable experience. Pop into any of our deliciously knowledgeable tasting rooms. Pace yourself so you can compare and contrast our signature Zinfandels across vineyards. Learn to identify the taste of Paso Robles grapes across grape varietals. Expand your knowledge of California wines when you dive deep into the wine culture of Central California.

Because we love all of our tasting rooms in Avila Beach, we consider them all to be a must see!

Alapay Cellars

Morovino Winery

Sinor Lavallee

Avila Wine and Roasting Co.

Peloton Cellars

Silver Horse Winery

Plan your summer vacation in Avila Beach so that you have plenty of time to savor our wines. Talk with our knowledgeable vineyard owners/wine producers.  Be prepared to ship your favorite case or two of our inimitable wine home so you’re well-stocked for the year…until next summer when you can return.


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