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Vacation Rentals vs Hotels in Avila Beach: Which one is best?

With Airbnb and VRBO gaining major ground over the last decade, it’s opened up the options for quite a lot for travelers. Be it budget travelers or retirees looking for luxe accommodations there is a room for everyone. However, with more options come more questions and more indecision over what kind of place to book. While vacation rentals have the stereotype of being more budget-friendly, that is not necessarily the case anymore. Hotels are dropping prices to compete and rental properties elevating their game to a more lavish experience (and raising their prices accordingly). Whatever your budget, you will likely be able to find either vacation rentals or hotels in Avila Beach within your range.

When heading to Avila Beach, or anywhere for that matter, what’s the better option? Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself before booking vacation rentals or hotels in Avila Beach.

How long are you staying?

If you’re planning on just stopping over for one night, typically a hotel will be the better option. Most vacation rentals have a 2-3 night minimum requirement anyway. Additionally, with a vacation rental, there are generally additional fees (like a cleaning fee) that you’re paying whether you’re staying one day or one month. These fees will add to your overall rate per night and make a hotel room much less expensive.

However, if you’re looking to hang your hat for a week or more, booking a rental home is the way to go. You often save money on more extended stays booking through Airbnb or VRBO. Also, you’ll almost always have kitchen accommodations. The freedom to cook is helpful when you don’t want to eat at a restaurant 3 meals a day for an extended period. It’s a little easier to “settle in” at a vacation rental as well, making for a more comfortable overall stay.

How big is your group?

If you’re going to Avila Beach with a big group or a large family, vacation rentals tend to be the better option for a couple of reasons. More often than not, it’s much more budget-friendly booking one place for, say, six people than the cost of three separate hotel rooms.

A vacation rental is also a little bit more efficient, acting as a sort of “common area” for the group. At a hotel, a group will constantly shuffle to and from hotel rooms and have to meet in the lobby at specific times. Additionally, it creates a more natural environment to be together during downtime. 

What activities do you plan on doing?

If teeing off or getting in some ample spa time encompasses most of your plans, staying at a golf resort or resort and spa might be the better option. However, if you’re looking to get out and explore, go to the beach, do some hiking, or experience the area “like a local,” a vacation rental is going to be the better choice. Often, resorts and golf clubs are set back away from everything. Further away means more driving (or Ubering) to all the outdoor activities. The nice thing about a vacation rental is you can have your cake and eat it too. You can play golf or get a massage whether you are staying at the resort or not.

Are you traveling with children?

A hotel vs AirBnb is a bit of a toss-up with children. On the one hand, a vacation rental feels more “homey” because it is a home. You also have the freedom to book a place with multiple rooms, so you don’t have to go to bed when the kids go to bed. Alternatively, a hotel with a pool provides endless entertainment for the kiddos. However, with the beach on the doorstep of just about every vacation rental in Avila Beach specifically, our vote goes to vacation rentals!

Vacation rentals are taking the tourism market by storm, much to the chagrin of the hotel industry. At the end of the day though, regardless of whether you are Team VRBO or Team Hotel, it only fosters a better environment for the traveler. With more options, travelers can cherry pick their experience and level of luxury at nearly any price point to fit their budget.

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