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Vacationing this holiday season? How to plan the perfect holiday vacations

Planning holiday vacations always sounds great at the time. (Hey guys, why don’t we all go somewhere for Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s?) Then the logistics set in, and everyone begins to wonder if it was such a good idea after all.

In short, going on vacation over the holidays is awesome! Your family is getting together anyway, why not get together in a great place? All it takes is a little thoughtful planning to have a perfect vacation and a perfect holiday season, simultaneously. In addition to plane tickets and places to stay, here are a few other considerations for the perfect holiday vacation:

Holiday Vacation Meals

Meal times are especially important over the holidays. It’s worth the extra effort on the front end to call a few restaurants ahead of time. Ask if they serve lunch/dinner on Christmas or Thanksgiving. It’s also worth the extra effort to make reservations at said establishments. 

For holiday meal purists, staying at an Airbnb or vacation rental can also be fun because you can cook all your traditional favorites! However, there’s nothing worse than planning a holiday meal only to find out your vacation rental has limited kitchen supplies. Contact your vacation rental host ahead of time, let them know you are planning on some holiday cooking, and ask them what kind of supplies the kitchen has. You can always buy the aluminum cookware at any grocery store to fill in the blanks, but it’s nice to know beforehand what you’ll need.

Additionally, it’s helpful to scout out nearby grocery stores. You may even try to find stores or restaurants that offer a premade holiday dinner to do some or all of the cooking for you.

Navigating Sights and Attractions Over the Holidays

An area’s sites and attractions can be hit or miss over the holidays. On the one hand, there’s the potential for museums and the like to be closed on holidays. On the other hand, with everyone kind of perpetually off work the week of Thanksgiving and the week between Christmas and New Year’s, attractions can draw particularly heavy crowds.

Be sure to look up holiday hours ahead of time and plan accordingly. Also, call and ask what kind of crowds they are expecting this year, and what the best day to visit would be.

On gifting and Travel

Whether or not to bring gifts to the family Christmas vacation is always a conundrum. Who wants to travel with all that stuff? Here are a few tips on traveling with gifts:

  • Make a pact to do no gifts and donate to everybody’s favorite charity.
  • Only ask for small gifts and only buy small gifts to take up the least amount of luggage space.
  • Buy (and ask for) experiences over tangible items. Now is the time to ask for a gift certificate for those pottery classes you’ve been eyeing.
  • Do a secret Santa, so everybody gets one gift.

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